Good ideas can come at any time, so always have a pencil to hand

TRIP # 1- Narthamalai - an Archeological site of India. As creativity and skill starts in hands, our students picked theirs to explore the world and the secrets of hidden treasures in Architecture. A group of our students went Narathamalai on 29thJuly to document, analyse and sketch the Vijayalaya Choleeshwarar temple with guidance of our faculties Ar.Sona and Ar.Kamalam. Students came up with numerous ideas about rock cut architecture.


With a great excitement to experience the city of Ahmedabad, in which renowned architects likes Le Corbusier, Charles Correa, B.V. Dhosi and Louis Khan has designed their masterpieces. We the 3rd year batch of M.A.M School of Architecture., A great opportunity to learn from the team of Ar.Smit, Ar.Kushboo, Ar.Sagar and Ar.Gayathri , Practising Architects graduated at CEPT.

Gathered in the beautiful courtyard of Jami Masjid, Ar.Sagar were narrating us the architectural history of Ahmedabad. It was really exciting to know that from Ahmed Shah, the king of Ahmedabad to the architect B.V.Doshi, everyone chose this city to do their amazing works. Initially we thought the sketching workshop will be conducted in a closed room but Ar.Sagar explained us through travelling we can learn. During the trip we visited NID, CEPT, Tagore Hall, Sanskar Kendra, Gandhi Ashram and IIM in the new city. Students were really inspired by studying the works of the familiar architects especially IIM, the mind blowing architecture by Ar. Louis Khan. In the old city we visited the historical buildings like Rani Rupmati and Jami Masjid. we also joined the early morning heritage walk and enjoyed exploring the pols from our guide. At last we visited the Dada Harir step well with not a great expectation but then this step well really made us stop talking and melt in its beauty. Students enjoyed sketching the step well in silence. In all the 4 days of workshop they learnt new techniques of sketching using charcoal.