University Rank

Aliya Anwar (2019)

  • 25th RANK Architecture students are not just a class apart in designing, they excel in academics as well. Our student ALIYA.A has secured 25 th RANK in the Anna university, April/May 2019 Examinations, with a CGPA of 8.57 (FIRST CLASS WITH DISTINCTION)

Presentation technique and Communication skill

MAMSA (23 January 2020)

  • Ar.Prasanna Gopal and Ar.Swetha The speakers shared their project experience, architectural design theory and smart ways to deliver it to the juror. The speakers shared their ideas to practice the art by understanding the users, their mind set, micro expressions through AV presentations and architectural book references. Session Continued with the briefing about the theory of concept in architectural design and ended the session with ideas for presentation techniques in design. Every lecture has the potential to transform student’s quality in stimulating the idea and enhancing the design process. This lecture completely gave guidance to the students on how to engage more on refining its strategy for communication including design knowledge with an independent impartial advice.

ONAM 2019

MAMSA (13 September 2019)

  • Onam festival is not just a festival to cherish, but a moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness.

    Onam was celebrated at Campus on September 07 amidst much fanfare involving all the students, faculty and staff. Several events were planned for the course of the day. Everyone was dressed in the traditional Kerala attire. Orange War, Bend your partner, Rangoli, Onam Feast, Tug of War were part of the events. The day ended with DJ which brought a grand ending to it. It was a day of joy and celebration in the college. The students pulled off a great show at the event. It was a wonderful day of team play and cultural importance.

    • We hope this event will have a social awareness of our students. We would thanks to our admin and Rotary club of Tiruchirapali Rockcity for make a successfully complete this Blood Donation Camp.


Blood Donation Camp

Rotary club of Tiruchirapali Rockcity @MAMSA

  • (12.09.2019)

    On September 12TH, the BLOOD DONATION CAMP. Blood donation is a noble act and a very important issue for our society. Our student conducts blood donation camp to makes people aware of the importance of donating blood so that it is available wherever and whenever it is needed. That day was successfully around 80 donors had contributed in our camp. We are provided blood testing report via sms and blood donation camp participated certificated also.

    • We hope this event will have a social awareness of our students. We would thanks to our admin and Rotary club of Tiruchirapali Rockcity for make a successfully complete this Blood Donation Camp.


Urban Design Studio

MAMSA (August 2019)

  • PORT BLAIR A STUDY TOUR The study tour is the component of the urban design studio programme for Final year architecture students and the key objective of the study was to experience, learn, analyze and to understand the context of urban form through its elements and principles of urban planning. The study included the analysis of various urban elements ranging from buildings to streetscape. The city is rich in history which dates back to pre-independence, which unknowingly affects the minds and souls of the people. And we found a clear evidence of its interesting history reflecting from the city of Portblair. The evidence of Colonial Settlements reflects the Architecture of Andaman. Portblair’s present context telecommunication wasn’t strong enough to support an urban realm; but it made us to time travel to the 90’s, with people and life. The first day of study began with the visual survey of the wards of Portblair and the following days progressed with the documentation of the wards and ended with the neighborhood island visit Ross Island where we can able to see the archeological remains of the colonial buildings and the adverse effect of natural force, tsunami on the shore lines. The Urban Study trip concluded with loads of experience, knowledge and memories.


CAF (IIT Research Park)

26,27,28 July 2019

Chennai Architecture Foundation (CAF) is a not for profit organization established to promote architecture, urbanism and education in the city of Chennai. It facilitates and promotes critical public engagement with built environment issues by organizing lectures, discussions and events. Portfolio'19 included 13 prominent colleges among 83 institutions in Tamilnadu to the Second Edition of the Annual Exhibition certainly to the larger fraternity of Architectural community. We are Very Happy to inform that MAMSA is one of them. Academic work of our studios where exhibited open to public which was the pivot of the whole event in developing the critical insights in disecting, understanding, appreciation and criticism of Architecture.
Propitious to share ideas and our approach towards Architectural education , our unique institutional cultures and to communicate with professional realm who have ventured into other related fields like Landscape Architecture, Photography, Furniture and Product Design to spotlight the importance of design in enhancing the quality and technological orientation maximizing for the proficiency in Architecture, Education and Urbanism. MAMSA is thankful to Ar.Sarojini Priya and CAF team for providing timely support to make this happen.


Rural Study

Koviladi (June 2019)

  • Vernacular ArchitectureRural settlement offers an opportunity to integrate knowledge of Built Environment, Living Entity from macro and micro scales. Study of design within the context of rural settlements helped us to understand their sensitivity towards nature and human society. It enabled the comprehensive study of political and economic factors, Socio cultural, village Geography and History, to observe changes in the above. To enable design process that engages contact and community we chose the village Koviladi because of its rich heritage, traditional architecture including its morphology and vernacular techniques. The social ethos of the village depends on close ties and kinship. We traced transformation across time as-well-as dynamics in human society. Our process in understanding aided in Data collection, Surveys , Oral history , Maps , Perceptual sketches , Documentations , demographic study and Discussions. Utilizing traditional styles and elements while building provides residence with a sense of calm and consistency throughout their community without wild departure from tradition and heritage which have spotlighted our knowledge in planning rural reconstruction .



16 February 2019

Vectorworks is a comprehensive architecture software developed with BIM technology in mind. Ut has modelling, drafting and documentation capabilities to enable an architect to perform all related tasks in a single window. Vectorworks architecture also provides you with tools that augment your creative workflow from conceptualization to the actual building process. With its robust offerings, you can further streamline your process, be more productive and efficient and you can reduce costs as well. With vector works architect there is no limit to what you can create with its superior 3D modelling platform. On top of that one can seamlessly collaborate with team members and even with external associates to unify the workflow and improve design.



Thannal (Tiruvannamalai)

19 February 2017

We tamed the mud and made it living. ‘Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes‘ is a Natural Building Awareness group based in Tiruvannamalai, India. Founded by Natural Builder & Architect Biju Bhaskar with his wife Sindhu Bhaskar in 2011. We learnt about the qualities of mud and the techniques of mud construction, the composition of mud and how to tame it for construction. The students made Earth bags and Compressed stabilized mud blocks after they have been instructed about the constituents of the mud and the mixing proportions. Biju also gave us idea regarding the limestone and treatment of bamboo. The workshop ended with Biju’s presentation regarding his projects and new techniques he adopted. We set back to college with abundant ideas of mud construction

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