Climatology lab

Climatic information of a place is an important parameter while designing buildings. Climatology is a part of B.ARCH program. In order to make students aware of the importance of designing according to the climate, a climatology lab with modern equipments has been established.

List of Equipments

  • 1. Comprehensive weather station
  • 2. Anemometer
  • 3. Digital hygro- thermometer
  • 4. Altimeter(barometer, thermometer,hygrometer,weather forecast)
  • 5. Barometer
  • 6. Infrared thermometer
  • 7. Digital lux meter
  • 8. Rain guage
  • 9. Wind vane
  • 10. Laser distance meter


Measurement of inside and outside air temperature.

Measurement of roof, wall and soil temperature

Measurement of temperature of solar heated objects, wind velocity, relative humidity, light illumination and brick moisture.

Measurement of deformation of structure(crack width)