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Mud Construction workshop

We tamed the mud and made it living... thanks to Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes and Biju's team who helped us in learning how to tame the mud... Created a culture called Mannukattu with the first year students of M.A.M School of Architecture.

‘Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes‘ is a Natural Building Awareness group based in Tiruvannamalai, India. Founded by Natural Builder & Architect Biju Bhaskar with his wife Sindhu Bhaskar in 2011.

Day 1 - We learnt about the qualities of mud and the techniques of mud construction, the composition of mud and how to tame it for construction. The students made Earth bags and Compressed stabilized mud blocks after they have been instructed about the constituents of the mud and the mixing proportions. After completing the assigned target, we have been provided details of COB. We all started mixing proportions of mud dividing ourselves in groups. Cobs were set for the next day.

Day 2 - The cobs were ready to be moulded. All the groups were set to make mud cobs for the cob wall construction. When the mud balls were ready, one group set for construction and the other started to pass the cob. It continued till all our hands were painted with red mud to complete a beautiful cob wall. We were set to construct wattle using the native twigs and vines of the region and daubed it with the cob. Biju also gave us idea regarding the limestone and treatment of bamboo.

The workshop ended with Biju’s presentation regarding his projects and new techniques he adopted. We set back to college with abundant ideas of mud construction